Kevin and Natalie, our story

Overberg Gems

Kevin and I were working in the pressurised printing and advertising industry in Cape Town when we stumbled upon Klein Modderrivier in 2005. We fell in love with the 3 ha property with its abandoned farmhouse. This beautiful 200 year old ruin was home to the sheep and donkeys and had no electricity, water, floors or windows. After Kevin tackled this huge renovation project we moved in and this is currently our primary residence. We also acquired more surrounding farmland and bringing the farm size to 12 ha.  The Little Farmhouse is on our farm not far from our main farm house.

The Blue House came first in 2003 when I saw the little for sale sign on a Sunday morning upon visiting the village. I knocked on the door to view and fell in love with the beautiful Victorian cottage facing the market square. The wooden floors, sash windows and massive kitchen stole my heart and I knew it was time for change.

Kevin’s history however was always centered around the Hermanus Lagoon where his family have had a getaway since 1965. Here is where you’ll find Lagoon View with it’s front row seats to the spectacular lagoon.

It therefore made absolute sense for us to relocate to the Overberg when we decided to leave the corporate world behind and pursue a country lifestyle.

Starting up our individual businesses in the countryside had its challenges and we had to draw upon every resource we had learned within the corporate marketing environment to make it work. But in the end, the rewards of this lifestyle was totally worth it.

With the love of the area our self-catering accommodation evolved and we now find ourselves offering three very different options for our guests to stay and enjoy!

We look forward to hosting you, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything during your stay.



Kevin and Natalie
Our Farmhouse Before and After